Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Open wiiiiiiide!

So today I had the fun experience of going to a new dentist and getting 4 FILLINGS!! Each filling was in a totally different place so now, 4 and a half hours after the first shot of Novocaine, I'm still numb on my entire face (nose down) and my left ear. There were a few perks though: I got to watch the entire first season of "Friends", I got a $100 discount, then an additional 10% off after that, and I got to be high on the happy gas for the 3 hours they worked on me.

Now I'm back to reality - a baby crawling on top of his little table, and dinner in the oven. Love it.

Monday, April 14, 2008


As I mentioned in a previous blog, Mason has new friends! We had this awesome family move into the townhome directly across from ours - Rachel and Michael with kids Rebekah and Patrick. Now because I'm retarded about making new friends with strangers (it totally terrifies me for some reason), she had to approach me. Glad she did though!!

We walk together several days a week to take our kids to the park. It's so fun to actually have a friend here, and it's also awesome to see how well our little ones all get along! Mason interacts more with Rebekah right now (she's almost 3 *i think*), but I think that as soon as Patrick (almost 1) starts to walk, they'll all 3 play together a lot more.

So Rachel and Michael suggested that we do a "babysitting exchange" with them where we'd watch their kids on a Friday night and they'd keep Mason for us the next night so that we could actually go out to dinner and a movie and not have to worry about breaking the bank with a babysitter. We kept their kids this past Saturday, and it was so much fun! The three kiddos had a blast. I can't wait for our turn to go out! :)

Forget Spring...SUMMER Has Sprung!

Well, it quickly went from 75 degrees for the past 2 weeks to 92 DEGREES today! The swimming pool water here at our townhome clubhouse is still way too cold to swim, but the Saint George City Center has this awesome "water park" and splash pad. Mason's terrified of the splash pad ever since some city employee thought it would be funny to turn it on while he was standing in the middle of the one at the park near our house. Now Mason sees it and clings to my legs.

So he steered clear of the splash pad today, but spent an hour and a half playing in the fake rock river. We went with Rachel (a neighbor) and her two kids Rebecca and Patrick, who Mason ADORES.

Polly Want a Cracker?

Last Wednesday, the 9th, I was uber-bored so I decided to take Mason to the pet store. The second we walked in, he saw the fish and excitedly yelled "ish, ish, ish!!!" and made his fish face. He kissed the glass on all the fish tanks that were within his reach. Next we went to the bird cages where Mason backward-signed "bird", and yelled "eet, eet, eet!!" (tweet, tweet, tweet). It was exciting for both of us! His favorite animal (that we weren't allowed to touch) was a baby pot-bellied pig. It was pushing this bright green ball around his cage, and Mason was just so excited, running around the cage following the ball.

Being a mom is really helping me learn how to take pleasure in the simple things by trying to see through the eyes of my child.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Water Bottle Public Service Announcement

I was watching the Today Show yesterday, and there was a segment on water bottles - which types are safe and unsafe. I was blown away by the findings!

On the bottom of all water bottles, (whether they be the hard, Nalgene-type reusable water bottles or the sealed, buy in a gas station type water bottles), there is a triangle with a number inside it. The most common numbers are 1 (purchase, drink, toss water bottles), and 3, 6 and 7 (usually found on the water bottles you buy empty for the purpose of reuse).

Scientists have discovered that bottles with a 1 on the bottom are good for only one use, and that after that, BPA's (Bisphenol - an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic) begin to leak into the water you drink. It is also now recommended to avoid numbers 3, 6 and 7 all together because the BPA level is high enough to possibly affect reproductive systems and cause other health problems.

Check your water bottles! Jeff and I have always kept the larger Gatorade bottles and refilled them for our food storage - but they all have a #1 on the bottom, so we've disposed of them. There may not be a ton of research available yet on this topic, but enough for me to prefer being safe rather than sorry!

For more information, see (also contains links to the segment on the Today Show from yesterday and today):

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Mason's been able to go up stairs for quite a while now, but never figured out how to get back down without injury. We've noticed him stepping down off curbs and stuff at the park lately, so yesterday we decided to just let him go upstairs and see what would happen on the way down.

Before he attempted to come down, he wanted to let us know that we'd better be paying attention to him. Here's the video. So funny!

Mason Meets Ronald McDonald

Yesterday for our treat after Family Home Evening, Jeff and I decided we wanted hot fudge sundaes from McD's, so we drove around town until we found one with a playground to let Mason loose in while we enjoyed our sugar high. The second he saw Ronald McDonald, he wanted nothing to do with the playground - he was so fascinated with the clown!