Thursday, June 25, 2009

Salt Lake Bees!!

Last night we went to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game with our friends Christian and April (and their daughter Kylee). We're so excited they moved here from St. George so now we can be REAL friends and actually hang out!

Mason had a blast rolling down the grass hill with a little girl named Kaylee who was there with her own family. They had a 2 year old son too, but Mason only wanted to play with Kaylee. Pretty funny!

Bloom Where You Are Planted (please!!!!)

We've been putting a lot of work into our yard this year, and it's finally starting to feel like a place I could call home for a while! Jeff, his dad and his brothers worked hard all day on Memorial Day and built our new wood fence. There's no grass in the back yard yet - that project will have to wait until next spring, but Mason really enjoys helping his daddy mow the weeds!

The flowers are all starting to bloom and the new trees are starting to grow, so I figured it was time for some pictures. The more bushy, short tree is a Ginko Biloba tree. The tall, lanky tree is a Sunset Maple (it will be bright red and flourescent orange in the fall).

Grandma Marquis donated some of her Day Lilies (behind the huge rock), and I also planted 20 Delia bulbs - they'll be HUGE and colorful, so I can't wait for them to bloom! My bff Amber came back in March and planted a bunch of Pansies for me (cuz she rocks like that). We transplanted/combined them and they've really flourished! There are some small bush plants with bright pink flowers on them, but I can't remember what they're called. The bright yellow flowers are Petunias - I LOVE how bright and cheerful they are! The bright blue flowers are called Delphinium (Mistral Blue). The little bush-like plants behind those used to have bright pink flowers on them but they all fell off for some reason - they're called Minuet Weigela. The back bushes are called a burning bush - they will get HUGE and the leaves will turn fire red in the Fall and early Winter.

Next Spring and Summer I'll get to add more flowers and actually do our side beds...probably with rose bushes! I'm excited! For now, enjoy my latest passion!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Well it's been WAY TOO LONG since I updated the blog (three months) and a ton has happened since then, so I'm afraid I'm going to just have to leave some things out when I update today. :)

So my mom came out to Utah for a month. She stayed with my grandparents, but we still got to see her a lot. We had a few family get-togethers, which was great! Especially when Kevin (my mom's brother) came to town with his family too.

Mom and I took Mason to A Day Out With Thomas up in Heber and he loved it! It was so much fun. Mom also helped me pick out flowers for the empty flower bed in front of the house, but I don't want to take pictures of that until all the flowers are in bloom. :) I'll post that when it's ready.

During all the fun family stuff, Mason LOVED playing with my cousins (Derek's girls) and with Steven's kids. He especially took a liking to Katie.

Enjoy the pics!

Kevin's wife Pam with their boys Adam and Carson

Katie and Mason

Me and my mom

Mason and his Grandma

Jessie, Grandpa, Mason, Kevin & Pam & Adam's head

Steven's kids Harmony & Boston and Kevin's son Carson

Jamie and Adam

Katie and Mason

Brynn, Jamie & Harmony with Mason

Mom with a couple of her friends from El Paso
and my girlfriends from El Paso

Me and Mom

Mason riding on Thomas the Train

Mason and Grandma on Thomas the Train