Monday, March 23, 2009

Mason Is Two!!

I was SO excited for Mason's 2nd Birthday; I'm not sure why it was such a big deal to me, but I really went all-out for his party and it was so fun!

He turned two on Friday the 20th, so I took him to Carl's Jr. to enjoy the play place and have his favorite chicken stars. His actual Birthday party was Saturday, and it was a blast! Since his obsession lately (when I say "lately," I really mean "for the past year") has been Thomas the Tank Engine, that was the theme of the party. And (make sure you're either sitting down or holding onto something sturdy) I EVEN MADE HIS BIRTHDAY CAKE! I know - shocker! Last year I just did cupcakes because the idea of making a cake was so intimidating, but this year I really wanted to make one. So many of my Birthday memories as a child include homemade character cakes by my mom, so I want that for Mason too. Although I'm sure he won't remember his second Birthday, but that's alright!

He got lots of cool presents, including his first "bike." We actually just got him a Big Wheels so we don't have to worry about him falling off all the time. We'll get him a bike someday. Just not yet. haha He is in LOVE with his Viewfinder and his "Five Little Monkeys" book that he got too. Thanks to everyone who came and helped us make Mason feel special on his special day!

Our little family (post-party)

Mason playing "pin the 1 on Thomas"

The cake I made. It was so fun to make!

Jeff helping him to blow out the candle.

Mason pushing Ezekial on his new bike

Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Boy Bed!!

So for over a week now Mason has been attempting to climb out of his crib at nap time. He gets up over the side - one arm and leg on either side and tummy on top - then cries and screams bloody murder until I finally realize that something really is wrong and go help him get back into his bed. Mason's bedroom floor is hardwood, so if he were to fall he'd probably get hurt.

Friday night we decided to convert his crib into a toddler bed, and Mason was so excited! I was really worried that it would be a HORRIBLE transition, but Mason went straight to bed and STAYED in his bed! When the morning came, I heard him on the baby monitor saying "all done momma." I went in to get him and he was just sitting on his bed waiting for me.

Nap time was a little more difficult - getting him to understand that he can't get out of bed and pull all his books off the shelf and bring them back to bed. We just ended up moving all his books out of reach and giving him one to take to bed, and he's been napping wonderfully! I'm so grateful it has been so easy! Transition #1 down...only potty training to go! Glad he's not ready for that yet!

Jeff saying prayers with Mason